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Vol #66 Decemeber 2020
Division One of the North Central Region of the National Model Railroad Assoc.
Our mission is to promote education and fellowship through the sharing of information and the promotion of the world's greatest hobby. - Model Railroading.

Railroad Item of the Month

We never really do the norm at the Marsden House. We have to put our christmas tree on table to enable the space under it, because we cannot just have a train running around it! Everytime I look at it I see differences, the snowblower is doing a wonderful job clearing the snow off the track, the pile is getting smaller, I am sure the train will be able to pass later today. My son is already wheeling and dealing for more space next year.

Photos taken by Killian Marsden


Paul Marsden

View from the Cab

cab Well friends, the first online "virtual" meeting in Black Swamp Division history is behind us and we are steaming at full throttle to expand and improve the effort. We've got some new wrinkles in store for you on Friday, December 18. Check out Asst. Supt. Stull's column for more info and access to the Zoom meeting link.

I've been working on my layout like a madman and really enjoying the progress. Right now I'm focused on completing a port scene and will share some progress photos with you at the December meeting. As much as I enjoy having a lot of time to work in my basement, I'm still frustrated by not being able to share the hobby with my friends. Until this pandemic hit, I'm not sure I fully appreciated how much time I spent at Division meetings, ops sessions, train shows, and other fellowship activities. If I took those treasures for granted, I sure will have a newfound appreciation for them when this is all over! That's why it is so important for you to log in on the 18th so we can share the experience. Let's have some Christmas decorating fun. See what you can create in a virtual holiday background for your online camera, add some decorations that we can all see, or wear those crazy reindeer antlers. We may not have our usual Christmas party this year, but we can sure create a new kind holiday gig over the web!

Our friend Paul says his cupboards are almost bare of materials to include in the Train Order. I know we are all busy but I must remind you that we are dependent upon you to send us what you are building, what you are learning, what you want to know, etc. We need how-to articles, individual photos, whatever you can share. Please take a few minutes sometime soon and send Paul whatever you can to build out the January edition.

So I"m excited about seeing your smiling face on my screen next Friday. Remember "doors open" at 6:30 and meeting starts at 7. If you are unsure about anything technical regarding Zoom meetings, just click on the link (See Marshall's column) at 6:30 and we will have that social time to help you with camera set-up, mike, or whatever. Jump in, the water's fine (OK, maybe it's a little icy right now.....)

Merry Christmas friends, see ya on down the line,

Dave McMullian,

From the Editors Desk

I hope that you have all been good this year, and Santa brings you all the railroad related stuff on your list. As you can see, I have run out of content for the train order. Please help me out

Paul Marsden,

Clinic Corner

Although we had some hiccups, our first Zoom Meeting was a success with over 25 participants. It was especially nice to see members who normally cannot join the in-person meetings. We even had a member join us from their winter residence in Florida. Unfortunately, we would have had more if not for a mix-up on the link to the meeting. Unbeknown to us, the links in the Train Order were different than those in the e-mail reminders. My sincere apologies to those who did not make the meeting because of the bad link. We have figured out why this happened and will make sure it does not happen again!

As always, please reach out to me at mstull@marshallstull.com if you are having issues with joining the Zoom meetings or just want to test the waters. We are happy to set up a one-on-one to get you comfortable with using Zoom or get through a technical issue.

Next Zoom Meeting


Below is the invitation with links to join the meeting. Note: the "doors" (or in this case windows) open at 6:30PM so the customary getting acquainting time can occur. We will also be providing pointers on video, cameras, sound and miscellaneous issues. At 7:00PM we will begin the official meeting.
Topic: Black Swamp (Div 1) Zoom Meeting
Time: Dec 18, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Zoom Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/94767288374?pwd=cWM5K1lxUlhkdTA5M21hR3liYjNOQT09
Meeting ID: 947 6728 8374
Passcode: 498608

NEW TO OUR MEETING - Door Prizes and Show and Tell

Some things old can be new again! As we do more Zoom meetings, we will begin to try new things and try variations things we did in person. To start we will be doing door prizes again through zoom! This month we will be drawing names at random and mailing the gift cards to the winner. This month's prizes will be Hobby Town and Hobby Lobby gift cards.

We will also be bringing back Show and Tell again! Please join the meeting with something you are currently working on (or a past project) to share at the meeting. You may either share photos/video from your computer/device or if you have the ability, use your web cam.

December Clinic

This month's clinic will be on Air Brushing and will be presented by our own Dave McMullian. This will be Part One of a two-part clinic covering the basics of air brushing, including equipment, paint, thinners with basic use, care and maintenance. This subject received the most votes from our on-line survey.

Clinic Survey - New Subjects


For the last few months, we have had a survey on-line for people to vote for and propose future clinic subjects. This month's clinic is a result of those surveys! Air Brushing received the highest number of votes. Some of the new topics suggested include:

  • Using floral foam for terrain
  • Shelf layouts
  • Pre-1900 railroad operations
  • Loco detailing
  • These subjects and the original subjects have been reset and voting can start again. Remember, you can vote for multiple subjects! Your feedback has really helped us seek new subjects that appeal to members. Please continue to vote!!

Marshall Stull,
Assistant Superintendent



I picked up a couple of packs of these steel hair clips a while back and they really came in handy recently when I needed to apply pressure on many points while gluing an assembly together. I've found similar clips in a variety of sizes and styles at Sally Beauty stores, along with a wide selection of nail filing boards. When you visit a Sally's, just walk the aisles and browse. You'll be surprised at how many useful and inexpensive gadgets you'll find for scenery and model construction!

by Dave McMullian

2nd Summer Project


Our second project for the summer. Pretty much all these paver bricks on the inner upper loop had readjusted. It took us quite a while to get the back half to level out. After two or three days the bricks previously that we worked on would readjust. So we kept having to go back and redo them. Which let us into our third project. Which I will save for the next train order. I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Stay safe out there everyone.

by Nancy Whitehill