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Division 1 meeting minutes, September 13, 2019 Supt. McMullian called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. 26 members attended.
Business Meeting

1. Visitors / New Members: Supt. McMullian asked if there were any visitors or new members present. None were present.

2. Meeting Dates: Supt. McMullian mentioned that this meeting is earlier in the month since the 4th Friday conflicts with the train show in Fostoria which several members exhibit at. Supt. McMullian also mentioned that there is a new sign in procedure at the meetings this procedure will allow us to see which members attend the meetings on a regular basics and be able verify the member's data.

3. Door prizes/Show & Tell changes: Supt. McMillian introduced the new door prize procedure to the members. The new way in drawing door prizes will be as follows: the 1st drawing will be for the members who bring in a "Show & Tell" . The next drawing will include everyone in attendance except the first winner, giving "Show & Tell" contributors 2 chances. It was also announced that "Show & Tell" will be held before the break so members can view and discuss. Member's are asked to limit their presentation to 3-4 minutes.

4. Operating sessions / Layout tours: Jim White is having an open house of his "G" gauge outdoor layout. It will be held on September 15, 2019 at 7139 Cranbrook Dr., Lambertville, MI from 12-4:00 pm. Jim mentioned that it will be an operating session. Paul Marsden will be sending out an "E Blast" to all members. On October 13, 2019 4 layouts will be open for tours from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. The layouts will be at the following locations at three locations nearby in Michigan and directions will be included in the eblast.

5. Clinics: at the October meeting Brian Mock will be presenting a clinic on weathering. You don't want to miss this informative clinic. Some ideas for mini clinics were discussed. Some ideas include building structures out of card stock, sound effects, building with wood, etc. members can learn how various items work, along with panel discussions on such items as decals (types, media, and applications).

6. Train Order: Supt. McMillian asked if everyone is receiving the Train Order in their emails. If they are not, please let him know during the break and Paul will correct it.

7. Budget: Division 1 had an income of $1,300.00 vs expenses of $1,400.00 for the past year. Most of the expenses were for the facility rent, door prizes, and snacks. Currently, the club has $4,000.00 in the bank and will be looking for ways to invest the money to give us a larger nest egg to bank on incase of budget over runs.

8. Christmas Party: the yearly Christmas Party will be held at the Radisson Hotel on December 13, 2019. 3 different types of food options are being offered at a cost of $25.00 per person. More details at the next meetings.

9. 2020 Convention: Mike Finkler is the operations contact for the OPS sessions. The Great Lakes Museum is interested in giving a clinic on Toledo and its Rail / Maritime history. We are still looking for volunteers to assist during the convention. Jim White and his garden layout is interested in exhibiting at the convention.

10. Miscellaneous items:

a) Supt. McMullian mentioned that Steve's Hobby in Blissfield, MI offers 20% discount to NMRA members. He carries a lot of Walther products at discount prices and there is a back room of deep discount items.

b) Supt. McMillian mentioned the possibility of having some new meeting days and times (Saturday's) at Proclaim. The first one would be in January, 2020 starting at 10:00am. Norm Cattell suggested having a hands on clinic due to the amount of natural light that would in the room during this time period.

c) Paul Marsden mentioned that the season will extend into May of 2020, plus a Spring event yet to me mentioned.

d) Supt. McMillian mentioned the convention in Troy, MI this Fall. Brook Qualman will be the keynote speaker. Brock is a master at building structures. Norm Cattell mentions at the tour schedule for the convention has changed. Some tours have been dropped and others some new tours added. Check the convention web site for details.

e) Marshall Stull asked how many members use Facebook. 7 members do. Marshall mentioned that Division 1 has a Facebook page that everyone should visit.

f) Marshall Stull mentioned that the items at the end of the RIP track table are free.

11. Show & Tell (What I did this Summer):

a. Marshall Stull presented the group with a power point presentation of his layout with photos using his new camera. He used a free photo stacking software to get 3 photos in crystal clear focus. Marshall also photographed Rick Lecki's layout that is housed in a pole barn. Jim White asked about the type of camera Marshall used to produce the photographs. (Nikon 5300). Keith Rothman mentioned that the quality of the lenses are the most important part of producing a quality photograph.

b. Jim Treadaway presented a power point on what he did with his modular group's layout during the Summer months. Jim was tasked with providing the scenery for the corner units of the layout. As always, very nice job Jim.

c. John Gardner presented a power point on his skill in rebuilding locomotives. John stated that he finds some at train shows at bargain prices or online and them rebuilds them and then resells them. John stated that he really enjoys the thrill of rebuilding the locomotives. John stated that he likes to use Mantua parts whenever possible due to their durability.

d. Norm Cattell presented a power point on his trip around Lake Michigan last Summer. Norm drove to Ludington, MI then boarded the SS Badger Steam Ferry for a trip to Manitowoc, WI. Since his retirement in June, Norm has also made a trip around Ohio with John Roth photographing various train related locations.

12. Door prizes: the winners were: Dave Miller - Harbor Freight
Roger Jensen - Hobby Lobby
Bill Vollmar - Hobby Lobby
??? - Hobby Town
13. Show & Tell Cont.: After the break, Marshall Stull asked for any more Show & Tell items.

a. Jeff Schumaker talked about his presentation to the Small Scale group he belongs to. Jeff brought in a 1' x 1' layout that was very nicely modelled.

b. Steve Kellogg showed us several diesel locomotives that a very dear friend had built and several that Steve is building or has built.

c. Ray Huber showed us several boxcars that he started in last year. Ray talked about his experiences with various decal vendors and how their products differ from one to another in ease of use and quality.

d. Steve Glass showed us some kits consisting of storage racks, cobblestone, and blocks all made out of laser cut bass wood.

e. Terry Smith talked about his trip to Dennison, OH where the train depot was a stop for the USO.

f. Supt. McMillian gave the members an update on the progress of his ocean freighter he is building for a port scene. His next step is to start weathering the hull and then start installing the booms, railing, and then remaining trim items.

14) Meeting adjourned at 9:21 P.M.

Submitted by Richard Marquardt, Div. 1 clerk.