Intitial Clinic List Has Been Released! The theme for this year’s convention is Rail Marine and our clinic list includes seven directed towards this topic. The list also includes a “Modeling with the Masters” Make-n-Take* clinic. Many of these clinics are new and this will be the first time they are presented. These new clinics and the fact we have 8 MMRs presenting ensures this year’s clinic line up is something that should not be missed!

Below is the list of clinics being offered at this year’s event and it's looking fantastic. Additional detailed information on each clinic will be forthcoming soon! Exact clinic times and schedule will be in the timetable in your convention packet.

  • Modeling a Granger Railroad in the 50s – Dan Lewis MMR
  • Great Lakes Ore Carriers – Rich Mahaney
  • Great Lakes Car Ferries – Rich Mahaney
  • Ship Building – Greg Rich MMR
  • Structure Clinic – Greg Rich MMR
  • The Michigan Lines 1:87 Railfan Experience – Jay Qualman / Brook Qualman MMR
  • Scratchbuilding Styrene Rolling Stock – Scott Kremer MMR
  • Designing Small Layouts – Bill Neale MMR
  • Modeling a Large Steam Fleet – Bill Neale MMR
  • Museum Quality Backdrops – Norm Logan
  • Modeling Great Lakes Boats – Mark Cowles
  • Building the Deepwater/Virginia RR – Gerry Albers
  • Modeling with Purpose and Meaning – Gerry Albers
  • Modeling a Reading Tugboat – Barry Hensel
  • Finishing Models – Sam Swanson MMR
  • Modeling Shoreside Structures – Sam Swanson MMR
  • Craftsman Kitbuilding – Dave Capron MMR
  • Rock Making – Dave Capron MMR
  • Waybill Systems – John Young / Andy Keeney / Ron St. Laurent
  • Toledo Terminal Railroad History – Ray Huber
  • Modeling the Solano Train Boat – Bill Rubarth
  • Modeling with the Masters Make-n-Take Structure Clinic* – Pete Magoun MMR / Dave Capron MMR
  • Wreck Cranes – Mark Charles
* NOTE: “Modeling with the Masters” clinic requires an extra fee for structure costs. Please make sure to include this fee on your registration form. If you have already submitted payment and want to have this added, please contact the registrar at

Clinic Schedule

Clinics will be held on Friday and Saturday with morning and evening sessions. Additional time will be made available on Sunday morning. This schedule will allow time for layout tours, exhibits and the many other planned events. Exact clinic times and schedule will be in the timetable in your convention packet.

Modeling with the Masters

In this two-session clinic, Master Model Railroaders Pete Magoun MMR and Dave Capron MMR will guide you through construction of a laser kit.
The cost of the clinic is $25 and includes an East Side Junction Section House by JL Innovations in your choice of HO or N scale.
Modelers will need to provide their own tools and materials. You can sign up using the convention registration form and every participant will receive additional information and a recommended tools and materials list prior to the convention.